Hi I’m Anna Zannides

I hope the following gives you an insight into my journey to Mindfulness and helps you understand what Mindfulness means to me.


“We should live everyday like we have been rescued from the moon” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Anna is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and member of the Mindfulness Association.  Through her own personal experience of suffering, her philosophy is deeply embedded in the association’s core values: to come to accept ourselves as we are. Anna’s approach is rooted in self-compassion and she assists clients in developing techniques and actions, through mindfulness, which will enhance their awareness as to what is, rather than what was or what should be. Her work principally centres on facing loss and journeying through the transitioning stages, with authenticity, vulnerability, courage and grace.

More about what Anna offers can be found on the Work with Me page.

About Me

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be single and helping others to deal with pain in their lives I probably would have laughed. Let me explain why.

I grew up in London from Greek-Cypriot roots. My parents had a turbulent marriage that ended in a divorce. My fathers gambling addiction and my mothers own struggles meant that home was sometimes not the best place to be as a child. I guess it meant I had to develop my resilience quite early on in life.

I got married at 22, through my own choice. I have three amazing children and two beautiful granddaughters. Although my marriage wasn’t particularly troublesome, we were two very different people who just grew in different directions.  So after thirty years my own marriage ended.

When my children were young I decided to finally go to university as my parents’ divorce prevented me from doing it when I was younger. So I studied computer science, proudly achieved a first class honours degree and went on to teach in mainstream public schools. I also completed a Masters in Teaching. I spent several years as an education adviser, working with some of the most underprivileged schools in the UK.

After my divorce, I knew I had to create a new life based on what I wanted out of life. I felt my life had been constantly disturbed by external events. I became aware of the need to address some of the deep emotional scars from childhood and from my own broken marriage.  So I began a journey of self-exploration which led me to Mindfulness.

 Personal Journey to Mindful Living

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place – Unknown

When my marriage ended, my life was in chaos. I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t function normally and suffered from anxiety. It was the first time in my life that I had felt so out of control. All my life was the strong one, always had things under control.

Through my Mindfulness practice I have develop my inner strength and made peace with my life. I continue to learn and explore myself and deepen my practice. I have a daily practice and make sure I further develop my understanding of Mindfulness through being an active member of the Mindfulness Association.

I have the privilege to work with people that need support to deal with all sorts of pain and suffering. My work with cancer survivors and bereaved family/carers is humbling. My experience includes working with people suffering with depression, stress and anxiety. I run retreats and workshops for people who are struggling to let go of past pain, that includes relationship break ups. I try to help people bring mindfulness into their daily lives and into their relationships.

In addition I have designed a series of online courses for people who want support with their relationships or to work through personal struggles. I run various workshops, courses and retreats in London and surrounding areas.

Check my Work with Me page to find out more. 


Going through a relationship break up?

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