Yes there are Two States of Living

One is how most of us live and the other is where true freedom can be found.

In this short video I talk about how most of us live on autopilot, always doing. If not physically doing, our mind is certainly doing something. We live our life without truly being present, constantly searching for things outside of ourselves to make us happy or to blame for our problems.

Why is it that our happiness is so volatile? One minute we are happy, we got what we wanted and the next our life is falling apart. We look for the next thing, the better relationship, more money, bigger house, better car and when we get them we still don’t feel satisfied.

Mindfulness is a commitment to yourself – to live a meaningful, authentic, compassionate life in full self awareness. This way of living is inward focused. It means you start to take responsibility for you, your life and your happiness. You stop blaming others, you stop chasing external things (including people). You develop an inner wisdom and inner stability that allows you to be free from having to have anything to be happy.

Living a life in the moment does not mean you don’t care about the future or about others, quite the opposite. It means you life in compassion and empathy for others but you do not allow external experiences to disturb your inner stability.

Listen to the video – let me know if you have any comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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